Costuming and Shopping
7th Millenium
This site sells belly dance custumes of different styles and shapes, also papyrus,
statues of ancient egyptian kings and queens...etc.
Aliah's Closet Belly Dance Bazaar
The Art of Middle Eastern Dance
Shira's site offers many different articles on costuming.
Ameerah Imports
Bellydance Istanbul
The same company has three different sites with the same content it is also known as
Istanbul Dreams and Bellydance Costume Turkey.
Bellydance Costume Turkey
The same company has three different sites with the same content it is also known as
Istanbul Dreams and Bellydance Istanbul.
Bellydance Meleea
Black Sheep Belly Dance Bazaar
Chainmail & More
Chandra's Dance Extravaganza
Dancing Goddess Dance Trips
Davina's Costuming Page
Egyptian Princess
Fat Chance Belly Dance
A well known American Tribal Style Troupe offers many costume pieces for the tribal
Ganesha Bazaar
Harem Bazaar
Horus & Isis Company
Horus & Isis Company is a Manufacturer in Egypt and a Wholesaler in the USA,
Canada, Europe, and Other Countries.  Our Unlimited Egyptian Product Line
Catalogue includes a Complete Line of Belly Dancing Supplies.  We take pride
in making Quality Merchandise at Incredible Wholesale Prices.
Ice Cube Imports
Istanbul Dreams
The same company has three different sites with the same content it is also known as
Ballydance Istanbul and Bellydance Costume Turkey
Madame X:Middle Eastern Dance Costuming
Magical Motion
Atea's site offer's a few different bellydance items as well as her popular videos.
Middle Eastern Costumes
Turkish made bellydance hip scarves.
Natural Journeys
Pink Gypsy
Salome's Tent
Tribal To The Max
Tribal Where
Unicorn Belly Dance Supplies
Visionary Dance
Zara's Emporium

Performers, Teachers, Classes, and Events
Classes and event information for Alyne.  Also several tips for students and a couple
articles as well.
Amana Dance Theatre
oriental bellydance company and school, which also offers international workshops in
oriental dance and theatre, as well as stage shows and performances in Antwerp,
Belgium. The website has an english version and also contains a lot of interesting
information about bellydancing.
Arabian Fest
The main focus is on the classes and events of the Nazeem Allayl Belly Dance
Studio in Atlanta, GA although there are some helpful arcticles under the
"Professional Belly Dancer" section.
Atea's site.  Famous for her Magical Motion and Fast and Slow Moves videos.  Atea
offers private lessons and choreography as well as performance.
Awalim Dance Company
A tribal style dance company offering lessons and performances.
Artist of Middle Eastern Bellydance.
Aziza Said
Bellydance Time
Bellydance With Selket
Belly Dancer Salome
Promo of international performer as well as belly dance directories, on-line lessons,
articles, and interviews.
Bellydancing By Shanna
Bellydancing By Zamoras - Bellydancing Troupe
Cassandra and Jawaahir Dance Company
Desert Moon Dance Academy
Farhana Masri's Home Page
Fat Chance Belly Dance
A well known American Tribal Style Dance Troupe.  Offers classes and performance
Festial Of Nations MN
Guild Of Oriental Dance MN
Gypsy Caravan Enterprizes
Hassan and Nagwa Productions
Jewels Of The Nile
Joy Of Bellydancing
Kajira Djoumahna
Katya Faris
Margo Abdo O'Dell
Orlando Bellydance
Suspira's class schedules and information on Suspira and Troupe Ahlaam.
Romani Urban Tribal Belly Dance
Full-scale, internationally acclaimed ethnic arts entertainment agency for belly
dancing, orchestras, singers, ethnic DJ's and variety/specialty acts for high-society
functions, concerts, production stage shows, upscale special events, high-end
banquets for five star hotels, Grand Openings, major corporate theme parties, TV
shows, Movie appearances, Commercials, music videos/Industrials, weddings,
conventions/trade shows, black tie soirees, Fortune 500 companies,
colleges/universities, Product Launches, Middle Eastern/Mediterranean caterers,
specialized Egyptian dance technique workshops and much more.
Suhaila Salimpour
Suspira and Troupe Ahlaam
An Orlando, FL dancer and troupe
Taaj, The Belly Dance Trainer
Performances, instruction, and training tools for dancers.
Venus's class and performance information and much more.
Visionary Dance
World of Belly Dance
Belly Dance events, news and classes

Information, Resources, Directories, Links
Article On Bellydance
The Art of Middle Eastern Dance
Shira's mega-site with information on everything bellydance.  Quality arcticles from
reliable sources this site contains probably the best directories I've ever seen along
with valuable information for the begginer as well as the seasoned pro.  Information
on costuming, music, dance styles, books, videos, etc...  Nearly everything you could
want in a bellydance site.
Aziza Said
Bay Area Resources
Several tips for students, a couple articles, and classes and performance information
for Alyne.
Belly Dance Discussion Forum
Bellydance Home Page
Belly Dance Museum
Offers tons of pictures of Middle Eastern and bellydance scenes.  Many are from the
orientalist movement, although some are from newer sources.  The also have music
to listen to and you can buy various posters of some of the art and music featured on
the site.
Has a good forum with many useful threads.  Also has an extensive listing of links to
bellydance clips you can watch on-line.
Bellydance NY
Lots of links to local information such as classes, shopping, and events in New York.
Good resource for New York Dancers or dancers visiting New York.
Focuses on Sarah, who on top of being a dancer is also a photograper, and her
costumes.  There are some good tips on costume design and really good photos of
The Circle Network
The Egyptian Castle
The International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance
Probably best known for their Awards Videos featuring many of the most talented
dancers around IAMED has a great site in which you can order their awards videos
their newer instructional videos and even find some good information
Joy Of Bellydancing
Lots of resources.  Joy Of Bellydancing features new dancers, troups, and links every
month.  Read bio's on different dancers and browse through the many great pages
she's linked to.
Magical Motion
Atea's site offer's a few different bellydance items as well as her popular videos.  She
also has some good articles on bellydance related topics.
NC Bellydance
Offers good resources for bellydance in North Carolina.  Also has some articles and
good links.
Orientalist Paintings
Panta Rei
Mostly a lot of links to Middle Eastern Dance and related sites.  There are reviews
and some other information here and there.
Sapphire Swan
Turkish Bellydance
A Turkish resource site for bellydance in Turkey
Offers various information on bellydance as well as some educational articles.  Also
contains information on Venus's classes.  Offers some more movement description
and Middle Eastern Dance related terminology.
Visionary Dance

Sites that offer on-line lessons, movement descriptions, and technique help
Written descriptions of many moves.  Most of them are broken down very well and
described in a clear concise way.  Fairly easy to understand.
Shira explains several basic movements on her how to do some bellydance moves
page.  She has visual aids, which help a lot, along with her written descriptions.

Organizations, Guilds, Unions, Associations, Clubs, etc...
AAMED (American Academy of Middle Eastern Dance)
AMEDA (Arizona Middle Eastern Dance Association )
ASAMED (Associated Artists Of Middle Eastern Dance)
COME (Coalition Of Middle Eastern Dance & Arts)
Guild Of Oriental Dance MN
IAMED (the International Acadeny of Middle Eastern Dance)
Light Of The Desert
LVBDS (Las Vegas Belly Dancing Society)
MEAI (Middle East Arts International)
MECDA (Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association)
MEDA (Middle Eastern Dance Association)
MEDANZ (Middle Eastern Dance Asociation New Zealand)
MEDIA (Middle Eastern Dance Instructors Association)
MEDNE (Middle Eastern Dance in New England)
MEDSOK (Middle Eastern Dance Society Of Kentuckiana)
NADI (Northwest Association of Middle Eastern Dancers International)
NATCMED (National Association for Teachers Certification In Middle Eastern Dance)
New World Belly Dance
NTMEDA (North Texas Middle Eastern Dance Associtaion)
OMEDA (Ontario Middle Eastern Dance Association)
Ottoman Traders Guild
SAMEDA (San Diego Area Middle Eastern Dance Association)
SVMEDA (Southwestern VA Middle Eastern Dance Association)
WAMEDA (Wasington Area Middle Eastern Dance Association)
University Of Wisconsin Bellydance Club
The Madison school has an established on-campus club that supports Middle Eastern
dance and holds ocassional seminars and student recitals.
Utah State Middle Eastern Dance Club
Yes, there is bellydance in Utah, more than you think. This school in the city of
Logan has its act together and then some.
Uzbek Dance And Culture Society

Sites With Video Clips Of Dancers
Amira Mor
Aziza Nawal
The Egyptian Castle
Has clips from old egyptian films and some newer ones.  They also have a movie
you can watch online.  They change the movie every month and sometimes your
lucky and get one of the classics with great dancers
Gypsy Caravan
The International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance (IAMED)
Contains clips from several of their videos.
Katya Faris
Sevral clips of Katya performing at different functions.
Magical Motion
Sahnobar Dance Ensemble
Sidewalks Entertainment Television
Turbo Tabla
Several clips of performances by Venus and her students at a student recital.
Visionary Dance

Publications, Newsletters, Articles, Etc...
Belly Dancer Magazine
Quarterly bellydance magazine - Belly dancing: Swivel your way to fitness - Jun. 13, 2003
An article on bellydance from
The Chronicles
A Middle Eastern Dance magazine featuring dancing, costuming, music, as well as
video, cd, and restaurant reviews - And articles by legendary dancers with terriffic
photos.  A quarterly bellydance magazine.
Gilded Serpent
an e-zine with a variety of articles
8 issues a year.
Middle Eastern Dance & Culture
6 issues a year

Miscellaneous Middle Eastern Dance Related Sites
The Bellydance Gallery
Lot of pictures of various bellydancers.

Middle Eastern Music and Music Related Sites
The Egyptian Castle
Beshar Al-azzawi
Turbo Tabla
Breaks down several rythyms used in bellydance..
Zills On Fire
The Ancient Art of Finger Cymbals Made Easy! FREE MP3 zill pattern downloads,
online music tutorials, Zills on Fire instruction CD & Study Guide, electronic belly
dance music.

Henna Related Sites
Serious Henna Mixes
The Henna Page

Arabic Realated Sites
Theory of Arabic Numerals

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