About The Nai
The nai is an ancient flute.  It may also be spelled Nay, Nei, Ney, Ny, Ni, or Nigh.  This is the instrument that lends that haunting breathy melody to Middle Eastern Music.  The nai is an end blown flute that is open on both ends.  Traditionally it is made of bamboo or cane however, modern nais can be made out of newer materials such as plastic pipe or even metal.  A nai will have one hole on the back and six in the front    The tone of the nai will be determined be the material it is made of and the length of the nai itself.  If you are familiar with playing a flute you could probably learn to play the nai without too much difficulty.  You will have to practice quite a bit to he correct mouth position and to gain breath control.  The technique with which the nai is played is called over-blowing.    Here's an example of a Nai solo.

Click here to hear "Shoushtari" form the CD Nay Solo by Mousavi

This example is from Nay Solo by Mousavi.  This particular clip is titled Shoushtari.