Middle Eastern Dance
A dance in the ruins of Karnak.  Late 19th century.  Engraving

If you have not already done so I highly recommend returning to the main page and then reading through the
"Before You Begin" section.  This section contains information on basic posture and the terms of use for this site which are important to read.

Just click any of the buttons for a list of movements that go with that section of the body.  If you can't find a movement then e-mail me and I'll see what I can do.

Do you know a move that's not here?  E-mail me with new moves and I'll try to put them into the list.

Do you think you know one of the moves listed in the pages but, by a different name?  Check out the Belly Dance Thesaurus to see if it's known by other names.  If you know another name for a move listed, then please submit the alternative name using the BDThesaursus Form and I'll add it to the Belly Dance Thesaurus.

Due to popular demand, off-site videos from communities like youtube, expert village. and metacafe have been embedded in the movements section to help you further identify movements and see visual aids that can improve your understanding of the written text.  Please note that MiddleEasternDance.net assumes no liability or responsibility over the content of these embedded videos.  We do not produce them nor do we explicitly endorse them or their teaching methods.  They are only listed to give you a visual example of the movement described on this site.  We still strongly recommend seeking the assistance of a live instructor if you need further assistance in learning a movement.  If you notice that a video is no longer working please contact me so I can find a replacement or repair the link.

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A Dance at Sunset.
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