Middle Eastern Dance
Props for Belly Dance
Below you will find a list of movements for the hips to read more about each movement and see video demonstrations click on the appropriate links below.

About Zills
Care of Zills
Zill Patterns

About Veils
Veil Basics
Circles and Turns

Scimitars (Swords)
About Scimitars
Scimitar Basics
Balancing a Scimitar
Scimitar Moves

Assaya (Cane)
About Canes
Cane Basics
Balancing a Cane
Cane Moves

Baskets, Pots, and Jars
About Baskets, Pots, and Jars
Basket, Pots, and Jars Basics
Balancing Baskets, Pots, and Jars
Basket, Pot, and Jar Moves

Shamadan (Candelabra)
About Shamadan
Shamadan Basics
Balancing a Shamadan
Shamadan Moves

Seneeya (Tray)
About Seneeya
Seneeya Basics
Balancing a Seneeya
Seneeya Moves

Balancing and Dancing with Other Items
Isis Wings
Playing With Fire
Fans and Fan Veils
Sword Swallowing

Algerian Dancer.
Algerian Dancer