Middle Eastern Dance
Other Movements
Below you will find a list of other movements which do not fit entirely in the other categories such as movements involving the whole body (such as undulations), turns, jumps, and traveling steps.  To read more about each movement and see video demonstrations click on the appropriate links below.

Body Rolls and Waves
Undulation (Body Roll)
Reverse Undulation (Body Wave)
Structural Roll

1/2 Turn
3 Step Turn
Basic Egyptian Turn
1/2 Airplane Turn
Airplane Turn

Lebanese Lift Hop
Folklorick Walk
Pivot Hop
Saeedi Hop

Grape Vine Walk
Queen Sheeba Walk
Step Ball Change Walk
Horizontal Figure Eight 2 Walk
Reverse Horizontal Figure Eight Walk
Basic Egyptian Walk
Gush Walk
Tunisian Walk
Walking Hip Circle
Folkloric Walk
Dancer on 19th Century Postcard