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Middle Eastern Dance - What's New?

Get your veils ready!

by Cassandra on 03/13/12

I just finished the Veil Work section!  I added some new content, some videos, did a lot of editing and revising, expanded quite a few descriptions and added some new content.  So check it out today:



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More language translation options available

by Cassandra on 03/02/12

As I mentioned a while ago I'm adding Google translate options to the website.  Until now those options were only available on the front page but now I've finished adding them to all of the currently updated pages.  That means the entire "before you begin" section and nearly all of the movements section (with the exception of veil work and props).  From now on, whenever a new page is updated or added it will automatically have the Google translate options.  I hope all my non-english speaking readers enjoy this new feature which should maek it easier than ever to understand and use the site.  Be sure to check out our new translation service.  If you notice any of the new updated pages that do not have the option to translate please let me know and of course if find something mistranslated be sure to submit a better translation to Google ;)

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Raqs e-Bandari or "Persian Bellydance"

by Cassandra on 03/02/12

If your not familiar with this wonderfully lively style of Persian/Iranian dance then you'll be delighted to know that you can read all about it on the new Bandari page posted to the styles section of this site.  There are several videos as well more detailed information about it's distinguishing features.  It is a unique style of dance from southern Iran along the coastal harbors or ports.  Bandar in Farsi means "harbor/port" and Bandari is a fusion of dance styles from the Middle East especially the gulf region, North Africa, India, and of course Persian dances.  It's similarities to bellydance have earned it the nickname Persian Bellydance but it is considered a local folk dance disticnt from other bellydance styles and traditions.  Check out more by visiting the page.



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Floor Work section complete!

by Cassandra on 02/26/12

What a milestone for me, I just finished updating all of the floor work section last night!  Unfortunately I didn''t find many on0line video tutorials but I did post a few videos with tips for floorwork in general and I did find demonstrations fora few specifc movements.  The good news is that I revised and expanded all the movement description so they are more detailed and should be able to better help you learn the movements despite the lack of video.  I hope you all enjoy it!  The next step is to conver the veil work and props sections.  I had hoped to finish the entire movement section by the end of February but it looks like it will probably be early March.  Oh, well, quality takes time and I'd rather take extra time to provide really high quality content than than rush through it to meet a self imposed deadline ;)  Phase III (the Music section) will be coming up soon so make sure to check back frequentlty I've got some great updates coming for the music section.

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Floor Work section is nearly complete!

by Cassandra on 02/25/12

Well the Floor Work section is coming along nicely.  I've converted most of the pages and now there's only two left that need to be updated and converted.  The "Kneeling Moves" page and the "Lying on Back" page will be updated soon.  I just finished up two more of the pages in the section though the "Lying on Side" and "Other Floor Work" movement pages are all ready to go.  They have had an extensive overhaul.  Most of the descriptions were vague and didn't really offer much concrete help.  So I fleshed them out, trying to really give as detailed descriptions as I could.  There aren't a lot of tutorial videos out there (at least not on-line) for floorwork so unfortunately there weren't many videos added to the section but I did manage to find a tutorial for the Cleopatra and for knee spins which is also a new movement that I added to the "Other Floor Work" page.  To check out the new pages click below

Other Floor work Movements

Lying on Side Floor Work Movements

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Ahalan Wa Sahalan!  Welcome to Middle Eastern Dance.  This site is an informational resource on Middle Eastern Dance.  Although the main focus is on what is commonly called "Belly Dance" there is information on other dances of the Middle East, North Africa, Mediterranean, Balkans, and the Indian Sub-continent.  My goal is to give people (dancers especially) easy access to understanding the dances and cultures from which they come.  With somewhere around 400 pages and growing this site is full of information to keep you busy.  Take some time to look around, you won't regret it.  I've tried to organize information into logical hierarchies so please explore.  Use the navigation menu at the top of the screen to check out the different pages.  There are hundreds of pages of how-to's many of which now feature video and other visual or audio aids.  Learn about history, music, styles and more.  If your a dancer looking to advertise your services for hire check out the Dancer's Directory, just fill out this form for a listing. You can also advertise you classes if you are an instructor in our classes directory by filling out the following form.  If you own a Middle Eastern or Mediterranean Restaurant or Deli and would like to list your Restaurant in our Restaurant section please fill out the following form.  Visit the chat room and talk with fellow dancers.  If you have a minute please take some time to vote in the polls.  Be sure to check back regularly to see what's new!
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