Middle Eastern Dance
Body Rolls and Waves (Undulations)
This page lists descriptions of the undulation and its variations.

Undulation (Body Roll)
To do an undulation you should start with a vertical rib circle and the tuck
and release of the pelvis.  Let's start with the rib circle by pushing the ribs
forward, up, back and center.  Then round it out till it's smooth (This is what
your torso will be doing).  Next we'll work on the pelvis.  Start with your feet
parallel and facing forward with your knees slightly bent.  Now you tuck,
tuck the tailbone under causing your hips to go forward.  Now, release it
back to center and the push it slightly back and then back to center( That's
about all they do).  Now we combine them.  Push the ribs forward and the
pelvis back.  Next, push the ribs up and the pelvis goes back to center.  Then,
pull the ribs back and tuck the tailbone under you.  Finally, you return the
ribs and hips to center.  Try to smooth it out.  Also, try it with one foot in
front of the other or on the balls of your feet(helpful for walking).  Make
sure your roll down the spine though every vertebrae.

Reverse Undulation (Body Wave)
The reverse undulation is done by rolling up the spine as opposed to rolling
down the spine.  First bend your knees and keep the feet parallel and facing
forward.  Now, tuck the tailbone under causing the hips to move forward. 
Next, push the abdomen forward and release the pelvis back to center.  Then
push the chest forward and tilt the pelvis back slightly. This movement is
often used to accentuate a sharp change in the music, by snapping the rib
cage down once you finish rolling up.  This movement is not usually done
repeatedly, one after another.  Repeatedly rolling up can look like your
going to vomit.  It may help you to think of stacking one vertebrae on top
of another, one at a time.

Structural Roll
I like to think of this move as a more tribal undulation.  Start by putting
your right foot slightly in front of you.  Turn your left foot out and step behind the right foot.  Your lower left leg
should rest on the right leg just behind the knee.  The left leg will act almost like a support in this movement.  Put your
weight forward on the right foot and lift your chest.  Now shift the weight back onto the left while rolling down the
spine.  Start by dropping the chest then contracting the upper and then lower abs.  Tuck the pelvis under you when
you reach the bottom of the spine.  Unlike most movements there is not a lot of effort to keep yourself level, you may
move up and down with the movement.  The undulation rocks back and forth, lifting when you rock forward and
rolling down when you rock back.
Women's wedding party in Algeria.
Women's wedding party in Algeria