Middle Eastern Dance
Hops (and other "bouncy" moves)
This page lists descriptions of different hops, bouncy walks, and jumps used in Middle Eastern dance.

Lebanese Lift Hop
To do this you must balance on your standng leg while keeping the left knee lifted, it will make the move a little easier if
you lean away from the lifted knee.  Now lift the hip of your free leg and at the same time you should jump just enough
to slide your standing leg a little bit.  This move when performed correctly can be very gracefull and perfect for a litte
ethnic flare however, it will probable take a lot of practice.  If it looks to you like an elegantly executed move, then
you've done it right.  If not, practice more.  Remember to keep your lifted foot pointed down towards the floor.

Folkloric Walk
This particular move is a little difficult to describe and falls somewhere between a hopping and walking move and so is
listed in both categories.  It's almost like a folksy jog.  The pace and feel is is simmilar to a slow jog.  Slowly jog forward
but instead of just jogging push off each foot making a little bit of a hop but, keep it even and consistent with a slow jog.
I think of if almost as jogging on the moon.  Arms should be out but soft.  Your arms should swing back and forth just
as they would if you were jogging but you need to keep the hands and arms open, soft, and elegant.  This movement
makes a good entrance but can be used anytime you want to cover more space on the stage.  It works especially well in
folkloric style dances such as Saidi, Baladi, and Melaya Leff.  It also works well with a cane whether being done as a
more traditional Saidi cane piece or as a modern Raqs Sharqi style cane piece.  For added "bounciness" you can also
add small shoulder thrusts to accent the walk.  The hips are not emphasized in this walk just let them be loose and

Pivot Hop
This move is commonly used when dancing with a cane and is also seen in
some sword dances.  It can be used with any style of bellydance but is most
commonly used in folkloric styles such as Saidi or Baladi.  It is described
here without using a prop.  Arms can be held in various positions but for
this description we will be holding our arms high overhead as if we were
holding a cane.  Shoulders should be relaxed.  Bend at the knees and then
hop up by shifting the weight to the left foot while pushing back with the
right foot.  You should end up pivoting on the left foot so that your body will
end up being on a diaginal to the right.  Next hop up shifting the weight to
the right foot by pushing back with the left foot, pivoting on the right.  You
should now be on a diagonal to the left.  You can lift and drop the shoulders
to create more bounce and involve the whole body.  When you complete
one side should immediately begin the next, there should be no pause.  I
personally think "hop right, hop left, hop right, hop left," you can also count
it as 1 and 2 and 3 and 4.  With each count being the being the beginning of a

Saeedi Hop
The Saeedi Hop is another movement commonly used in folkloric style
dances like Saeedi and Baladi and is a commonly used movement when using
a cane.    Start by standing in basic position with feet parallel and about hip
width apart.  Knees are soft and pelvis is tucked slightly under you.  Chest
should be lifted and shoulders should be down and back.  For the purpose of
this description just keep arms and hands soft and out to the sides.  Now put
all the weight on your right foot and rest the left on the ball of the foot. 
Sweep the left foot across in front of you lifting the knee up towards right.
Now, bend the right knee a little and then hop up off the floor.  Then gently
let the left foot swing back down and immediately switch you weight to the
left foot and sweep the right foot across in front of you lifting the knee up
towards the left hopping on the right foot.  Gently bring the right down and
continue to alternate this pattern right and left.  If you have knee problems
and cannot handle the impact on your knee from the hop you can
alternativley lift and then drop the heel of the foot instead of pushing off into
a hop.
The Dancing Girl.
The Dancing Girl