Middle Eastern Dance
Basics of Balancing a Candelabra (Shamadan)
Below you will find information on how to balance your candelabra on your head.

Learning To Balance Your Candelabra On Your Head
Balancing your candelabra on your head can be difficult.  First and foremost you want to make sure you have it fitted
snugly and properly on your head.  If the shamadan is wobbly you will need to stabilize it first before dancing with it. 
Make sure all arms are evenly spaced with proportionate amounts distributed between front and back as well as left
and right.  Most arms are movable (unless you have fixed them in place) so make sure they are in good positions.  Try
to make sure you use the same candles in each cup and that each candle is approximately the same length (sometimes
they don't burn evenly so you may need to trim a few to get them even every now and then.  If you have added
decorations make sure they are evenly placed and distributed throughout.  If all of this is taken care of basically you
just need to focus on your carriage.  Keep a straight back, lifted chest, shoulders down and back.  Knees should be soft
or bent.  Keep your head as still as possible.  You can wear a scarf over your head which if tied or secured in place can
help keep your shamadan in place as well.  Avoid leaning your head in any direction as this will drip wax as well as
make it difficult to keep balanced.  Essentially like any balancing prop or act it boils down to practice.  The more you
practice with it the more comfortable you will become with it and the easier balancing will get.
Balancing a shamadan on the head.
Danse du sabre by Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824-1904). heliogravure. 1870