Middle Eastern Dance
Scimitars (Swords)
Below you will find several pages about scimitars with information ranging from history and context to balancing  and special moves done with a scimitar or other sayif (sword).

About Scimitars
The history and cultural context of Scimitars / Sayif (Swords) as dance props in Middle Eastern dances

Basics Of Scimitars
Buying a Scimitar
Taking Care Of Your Scimitar

Basics Of Balancing
Determining the center of weight in your sword
Learning to balance your sword on your head
Balancing your sword on other parts of your body
Tips and Tricks of keeping a scimitar in place

Scimitar Moves
Isolations while balancing
Special moves for floor work
Spinning, Twirling, and Turning
An Almeh Performing The Sword Dance by Jean Leon Gerome.
An Almeh Performing The Sword Dance