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by Cassandra on 08/19/11

It's been a long time since the last major update to the site.  Get ready for some restructuring and improvements.  I'm looking for beta testers who would like to try out my new on-line history course which will be made available hopefully starting next fall if I can work all the bugs out.  I need a few people interested in trying the course out so I can make sure everything is working properly before I add it to the site.  This is an opportunity to try it for free when it enters testing later this year.  Additionally, I receive a lot of request about differentiating and explaining styles so there is a new series of pages coming soon outlining styles, be sure to check them out.  Additionally I am restructuring the site to make it more manageable (looking through a few hundred pages to find the one page I need to update is not very efficient)  Sooooo, unfortunately if you have specific pages that you've linked to they will be moving so be sure to check back and update your links.

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Ahalan Wa Sahalan!  Welcome to Middle Eastern Dance.  This site is an informational resource on Middle Eastern Dance.  Although the main focus is on what is commonly called "Belly Dance" there is information on other dances of the Middle East, North Africa, Mediterranean, Balkans, and the Indian Sub-continent.  My goal is to give people (dancers especially) easy access to understanding the dances and cultures from which they come.  With somewhere around 400 pages and growing this site is full of information to keep you busy.  Take some time to look around, you won't regret it.  I've tried to organize information into logical hierarchies so please explore.  Use the navigation menu at the top of the screen to check out the different pages.  There are hundreds of pages of how-to's many of which now feature video and other visual or audio aids.  Learn about history, music, styles and more.  If your a dancer looking to advertise your services for hire check out the Dancer's Directory, just fill out this form for a listing. You can also advertise you classes if you are an instructor in our classes directory by filling out the following form.  If you own a Middle Eastern or Mediterranean Restaurant or Deli and would like to list your Restaurant in our Restaurant section please fill out the following form.  Visit the chat room and talk with fellow dancers.  If you have a minute please take some time to vote in the polls.  Be sure to check back regularly to see what's new!
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