Middle Eastern Dance
Baskets, Pots, and Jugs as Props for Belly Dance
Below you will find information on Basket, Pot, and Jug dances.

About Baskets, Pots, and Jugs
History and Cultural Context of dancing with baskets, pots, and jugs in Middle Eastern dances

Basket, Pot, and Jug Basics
Buying a basket, pot, or jug
Taking care of your basket, pot, or jug

Balancing Basics
Learning to balance your container on your head

Basket, Pot, and Jug Moves
Isolations while balancing
Containers as props
Pots and Jugs
Baskets for tips and snakes
Meissoun posing with a basket full of flowers.  Photograph by Michael Baxter (Raqs Photography)
Algerian Dancer